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Welcome to Bafenyi Integrated Services

Keeping you and your assets beautiful, clean and safe.

Bafenyi Integrated Services is a powerhouse in the field of integrated services. Founded in 2020 out of a need for affordable, holistic integrated services we aim to be the best integrated service provider across South Africa, and beyond her borders.


Welcome to Bafenyi Integrated Services

Keeping you and your assets beautiful, clean and safe.

Bafenyi Integrated Services is a powerhouse in the field of integrated services. Founded in 2020 out of a need for affordable, holistic integrated services we aim to be the best integrated service provider across South Africa, and beyond her borders.


Bafenyi Security

Bafenyi Security

Keeping you and your assets safe.

Bafenyi Integrated Security is a powerhouse in security services established out of a need for affordable, holistic security services, representing considerable authority as specialist service providers in all aspects of the security industry.

Bafenyi Integrated Security is a dynamic provider of soft services in security that strives to deliver exceptional services in the security industry and do so in a manner and a method that is efficient, timeous, quality-driven, and cost-effective. The company’s integrated approach to the operational aspect of the business combines industry experience with strategically devised policies and procedures.

Each client is assessed individually and equipped with a unique security policy, ensuring the best in protection while respecting the integrity of each client and the confidential nature of the information shared.

Through innovative use of technology, we can identify and report back on all existing and potential safety hazards and risks, ensuring pre-emptive protective services.

Bafenyi Integrated Security boasts extensive knowledge and experience in Event Management. Bafenyi Integrated Security offers security services at events, concerts, and large gatherings, operating with integrity and building long-lasting relationships with each client.

Our Philosophy.

We strive to protect you, your asset, and the confidential data made available to us through strict adherence to enforcing your policies and procedures. With decades worth of combined industry experience and the backing of the CGES Group Ecosystem Services, we are well-positioned to protect your asset with integrity and professionalism.

Through flexibility in our execution of services and consistency, we strive to surpass your expectations, ensuring your absolute satisfaction. Our vision is to be a haven for all residents, students, and ordinary citizens while remaining a leader in technology-driven security services.

Verticals Served:

  • Student Accommodation
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail Centres (Malls / Shopping Centres)
  • Security Estates & Complexes

Security Services:

  • Guarding Services
  • Offsite Monitoring
  • Crowd Management
  • Access Control
  • Physical Protection Services
  • Risk Assessments
  • Investigation Services
  • Security Consultancy
  • Riot Control Services
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Bafenyi Hygiene

Bafenyi Hygiene

Keeping you and your assets clean.

Bafenyi Hygiene is a customer-centric facility management services provider offering comprehensive hygiene solutions, including rental equipment, office consumables, deep cleaning, and pest control services. Bafenyi Hygiene solutions are tailored to fit organisations health and safety essentials cost-effectively.

Hygiene and cleanliness have always been crucial to our livelihoods and wellbeing. In workplaces, health and safety experts also insist on good hygiene practices, as good hygiene is beneficial to employees’ health, thus contributing to overall workplace morale and wellbeing. Of late, the Covid 19 pandemic has undoubtedly heightened sensitivity to cleanliness and safety in shared spaces, including the various areas individuals frequent from time to time. Therefore, keeping the multiple environments hygienically clean is mandatory. Befanyi Hygiene understands this reality and ensures that any establishment is always spotless, hygienically clean, and pest-free.

The state-of-the-art equipment used by Bafenyi Hygiene reaches where no human being can. We also believe that the environment gives back what you put in. So, the harsh products used on germs and viruses are gentle on the environment and its occupants. Our highly trained and friendly team delivers splendid work, as we view them more as artists than just consultants. They know that what they do leaves a lasting positive impact on the lives of others.

Our Vision and Mission.

To give our clients peace of mind through excellent service delivery and state-of-the-art facility management.

To become a world-renowned facility management services provider.

Hygienic Equipment Products:

  • Supply and installation of hygiene and washroom products and consumables, to rent or buy.
  • Sanitisation products and equipment.

Pest Control:

  • Pest control solutions and servicing
  • Fogging and fumigation

Cleaning Services:

  • Contract Cleaning
  • Pre- and Post-Occupation Cleaning
  • Window and High-Access Cleaning
  • Ad-Hoc Cleaning
  • Disinfection Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Basement and Perimeter Cleaning
  • Periodic Detail Cleaning
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Bafenyi Landscaping

Bafenyi Landscaping

Keeping you and your assets beautiful.

Bafenyi Landscaping is a fully-fledged landscaping service provider, creating green, visually pleasing environments tailored to clients’ budgets and requirements, with clients ranging from organisations to homes. The dedicated team offers expert landscape advice and planning and recommends suitable solutions.

Bafenyi Landscaping conceptualises individual clients’ unique design, plants the greenery, runs maintenance, and keeps the environment beautiful and healthy. In addition, Bafenyi Landscaping considers the area climate, soil, and seasonal changes to ensure longevity and cost-effectiveness.

The company’s processes are safety-orientated, environmentally sound, cost-effective, and created with the utmost quality. In addition, Bafenyi Landscaping promotes biodiversity, creating a sanctuary for plants, garden Bafenyi Landscaping was awarded the animals, and people.
SALI (South African Landscaping Institute) Principal membership in 2021, the highest accolade in the Greens industry. This membership is a testament to the quality of its work.

Our Vision and Mission.

To create state-of-the-art landscapes and bring new life to ordinary surroundings while contributing to nature and environmental conservation.

To create a better environment that promotes the well-being of all who live, work and play in it using sustainable products and methods.

Bafenyi Landscaping Values:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Community
  • Simplicity

Landscaping Services:

  • Garden maintenance
  • Landscaping services
  • Garden design services
  • Once off clean-ups
  • Maintenance of flower beds, hard surfaces, and lawn areas.
  • Provide advice to clients on garden layouts, plant choices, and aftercare.
  • Monitor trees to identify any hazards and maintain their structural nature.
  • Contribute to wildlife and environmental conservation.
  • Mulching, spraying of weeds, and once-off clean-ups.
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Keeping you and your assets, beautiful, clean and safe!

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