Specialist Integrated Services

Bafenyi Integrated Services represents considerable authority as specialist service providers in all aspects of the Security, Hygiene and Landscaping industries. We aim to be the best-integrated service provider across South Africa, and beyond her borders.

At Bafenyi we strive to deliver exceptional services and do so in a manner and a method that is efficient, timeous, quality-driven but most importantly, cost-effective.

Excellence | Integrity | Innovation | Community | Simplicity


At Bafenyi Integrated Services we aim to attract, develop, and retain industry-leading professionals enabling us to provide top-class, professional services to our elite clientele. Through our integrated approach to the operational aspect of our business, we combine our industry experience with strategically devised policies and procedures.

Each client is assessed individually and equipped with policies that are unique to them, ensuring the best suite of services, while respecting the integrity of each business and the confidential nature of the information shared with us.

We are wholeheartedly committed to providing the best services to our valued customers, and taking care of their businesses.

Our Promise to You:

  • Provide you with the highest standard of service possible, to continuously meet your requirements.
  • Ensure that our company is fully compliant and up to date with South African regulations.
  • Provide you with access to industry-leading professionals.
  • Operate an efficient, targeted recruitment process, ensuring that our employees are trained, trustworthy and driven by integrity.
  • Continuously upgrade our services, in line with technological and industry-related developments.
  • To treat you with respect, dignity, and integrity.